Fall outfits for the office

Black silk suit for office outfits

With the change of seasons, it’s time to refresh your work attire. Why not add a sense of luxury and timeless charm to your look with silk? Silk, known for its luxury and comfort, can transform your work outfits. In this article, we’ll explore stylish and elegant fall outfits for the office that feature silk garments like silk suit, silk shirt and black silk skirt.

Silk Suit

Are you a lover of classic with a modern twist? A black silk suit is made just for you. The oversized blazer with padded shoulders pairs perfectly with full-length silk trousers. You can wear this combination as a complete look, but you can also mix and match it with other wardrobe pieces to create various outfits. A black satin blazer can also become an excellent companion for jeans and a T-shirt, creating a contrasting yet elegant outfit for slightly less formal occasions. Meanwhile, long silk pants will create the perfect match with an oversized sweater. Regardless of how you wear it, a black silk suit will withstand many seasons, retaining its uniqueness.

Fall outfits for the office with silk shirt

Silk Shirt

A silk shirt is a staple in any capsule wardrobe. It is the key to achieving a timeless look both at work and beyond. The delicacy and unique texture of silk give each outfit a distinctive charm while remaining in line with the required dress code. Silk, as a natural material, allows the skin to breathe, providing exceptional comfort during long office days. Try creating a minimalist total look by combining a white satin shirt with classic silk trousers. For a bold accent, add a subtle ascot tie. If you prefer a more relaxed and feminine style, pair a silk shirt in cream color with an accentuated, enlarged collar with a denim skirt and a silk hair bow.

Satin Skirt

A black satin midi skirt can serve as the perfect base for various office outfits. Its subtle elegance aligns with dress code requirements while ensuring comfort throughout the day. The Florence model with a high waist allows for easy movement, and the softness and delicacy of silk add a sense of luxury. A black silk skirt allows for creating different fall outfits for the office, from formal to more casual, making it an indispensable item in every woman’s wardrobe. You can pair it with a minimalist top and a satin blazer or combine it with a cashmere sweater and a trench coat.

Black silk skirt for office outfitsSilk Trench Coat

A silk trench coat is an essential element of the autumn dress code. Its delicacy and unique elegance make it an incredibly attractive choice. Thanks to the silk fabric, you can enjoy comfort all day long without sacrificing elegance. You can wear it as part of a total look, combining it with suit trousers and a black satin shirt, or pair it with jeans and a white long-sleeve shirt to create a contrasting outfit. The MOYE silk trench coat is finished with a belted waist, big collar, and back flap giving it a modern character.

Silk Accessories

Often, small accents define the character of our office outfits. MOYE offers accessories that perfectly complement autumn ensembles, from silk scrunchies and romantic bows to silk handbags. Both silk hairbands and subtle bows or oversized hair ties blend seamlessly with the professional dress code, creating a sense of meticulous finishing.

Silk hair scrunchiesA silk ascot tie and a satin cummerbund are examples of how classic men’s fashion can be translated into women’s wardrobes while retaining all its unique elegance. These accessories will add character and sophistication to your office outfits. You can wear a tie with a silk suit or a white silk shirt and jeans. At the same time, a Sasha belt is an excellent way to define the waist and add elegance to even the simplest outfits. You can wear it with a mini silk skirt or suit trousers.

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