How to Dress Quiet Luxury

Minimalist outfits

Quiet luxury is the main fashion trend of this year. This movement celebrates quality over quantity, craftsmanship over logos, and timeless style over fleeting trends. Let’s discover the essence of quiet luxury and explore how you can embrace this trend through the exquisite silk products from MOYE. 

What is Quiet Luxury?

Call it quiet luxury, minimalism or old money aesthetic, this trend emphasizes refined elegance, sophistication, and a mindful approach to consumption. It revolves around the belief that true luxury lies in the subtlety of design, the exceptional quality of materials, and the artistry behind each piece. It’s a look that will stand the test of time, as it’s essentially a synonym for elevated basics. What are the main characteristics of old money outfits?

Quiet luxury brands of silk clothes

Minimalist Aesthetics. Quiet luxury brands embrace simplicity, clean lines, sleek silhouettes and a muted color palette. It’s focused on subtle details and impeccable tailoring, exuding an effortless yet refined appeal.

High-Quality Materials. Good fabrics play a crucial role in old money aesthetic. This is where MOYE excels, specializing in silk creations that are renowned for their exceptional softness, luxurious sheen, and breathability. All brand’s products are crafted from 100% mulberry silk. The fabric was produced in an Italian silk factory in the world-famous province of Como.

Timeless Appeal. Quiet luxury eschews fleeting trends in favor of enduring style. It gravitates towards classic pieces that can be worn year after year, transcending seasonal fashion cycles. By investing in timeless essentials, you build a wardrobe that stands the test of time.

Silk as Part of the Old Money Aesthetic

Minimalist outfits crafted from silk

Embracing silk essentials in a quiet luxury wardrobe means investing in enduring pieces that stand the test of time, embodying the essence of refined style and exquisite comfort. MOYE offers a range of simple yet versatile clothes such as silk shirts, slip dresses, trench coats and tailored trousers. These pieces can be effortlessly mixed and matched, creating a multitude of stylish minimalist outfits. Most MOYE products are made of black, white and cream silk. These shades exude an air of understated elegance and allow the focus to remain on the impeccable craftsmanship and luxurious texture of garments.

Quiet luxury brands celebrate subtle details that add depth to an outfit. MOYE’s silk garments often feature delicate touches like mother-of-pearl buttons or finely finished hems. These understated details showcase the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and enhance the overall allure of your look. Discover some fundamental staples to consider for your old money outfits.

Quiet Luxury Wardrobe Essentials

Minimalist outfits

A perfectly tailored shirt is a must-have in any quiet luxury wardrobe. It’s clean lines and classic silhouette make it a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Chose the best option for yourself: relaxed fit Rita, Gia with an accentuated collar or oversized pajama-styled Tilda.

The epitome of understated elegance, a silk slip dress is a quiet luxury staple. Whether you choose, mini Jane, long-sleeved midi Alicia or maxi dress with a deep neckline on the back, its fluid silhouette and luxurious fabric make it effortlessly chic. Dress it up with heels and delicate jewelry for evening occasions, or layer it with a sweater and ankle boots for a chic daytime ensemble.

A classic black blazer instantly elevates any look. The structure and simple form of a Marlene silk blazer brings a refined touch to casual outfits and provide a polished finish to more formal attire.

A classic trench coat is an inseparable element of old money outfits. MOYE offers a black version of this versatile piece with a belted waist and a big collar. This trench coat will be a must-have for both fall days and summer nights.

Want to create polished and refined looks? Pair your favorite sweater or blouse with MOYE bottoms: loose fit pants, a midi skirt with a slit or suit trousers. Classic silhouettes crafted from natural silk will add an original accent and quiet luxury to any outfit.

All of MOYE pieces are available at www.moyestore.com.