New collection Easy Luxe

Silk shirt and maxi skirt for summer

The Polish brand MOYE presents the spring-summer collection 2024. Inspired by the combination of urban chic and minimalist resort wear, the Easy Luxe line redefines the concept of luxury as something both opulent and easy to wear, especially during the balmy months. Women’s summer suit crafted from black cady crepe, an oversized silk shirt in two versions, a translucent maxi skirt: in this line, power dressing is combined with clothes made with leisure time in mind.

Silk shirt, maxi skirt and summer suit

The Easy Luxe collection is designed for the modern woman who values both elegance and ease. „Our new line is made to be effortlessly mixed and matched, creating a range of stylish summer outfits. Each piece is meticulously crafted to embody casual luxury and timeless sophistication, perfect for leisurely days or refined evenings,” explain the founders of MOYE, sisters Magdalena I Melania. This collection transitions the brand’s focus from evening wear to versatile daytime attire.A silk shirt creates a set with a maxi skirt, while a silk top goes perfectly with slightly flared trousers. A black women’s vest can be worn as a top or as part of a summer suit.

Silk summer suit

Silk summer suit

In Easy Luxe, silk in a matte version takes the lead.  The most expressive proposition is a black cady crepe known for its double density. The breathability of the material makes the suit made of it an ideal alternative to the classic wool one. Light elements such as an oversized blazer, a tailored women’s vest, full-length trousers and pressed-crease Bermuda shorts can be easily combined. The flowing silk crepe gently hugs the body, offering an unparalleled sense of luxury.

Women's vest

Summer sets in cream satin

In addition to the black cady crepe, the collection features luminous satin and semi-sheer crepe in cream shades. The maxi skirt is the standout piece that exudes subtle sophistication, perfect for both rest at the beach and soirées under the stars.  The black midi dress has adjustable straps, which allows for a custom fit.  A silk top paired with slightly flared trousers round out the collection, adding a touch of modern elegance.

“Luxury is not just about visual appeal. It’s about the experience of wearing something truly special,” adds Magdalena. “Our designs emphasize the tactile beauty of premium fabrics and the precision of the tailoring”.

Silk shirt and silk top with trousers

MOYE’s dedication to craftsmanship is evident in the limited quantities in which each piece is produced. “Working with silk demands a high level of skill and care, but its natural elegance and refinement make it worth the effort”.

The Easy Luxe campaign, photographed by the talented Borys Synak, captures the serene elegance of the collection. Using natural light, the photos emphasize the flowing textures and timeless silhouettes, embodying the effortless sophistication that defines MOYE’s vision. The Easy Luxe collection is available at www.moyestore.com and in the brand’s Warsaw boutique at Okólnik 9a/11.