New Collection Nuances

Slip maxi dress crafted from silk organza

The new collection of Polish brand MOYE is an ode to power dressing and modern femininity. In the NUANCES line, they refine their bestselling pieces while introducing new spectacular clothes and accessories. The collection includes a silk suit, an open-back dress, a bag with feathers, a silk maxi skirt and spectacular accessories.

A Nod to Perfection

NUANCES is not just the collection’s name. It is the key to understanding its essence. “Our new line is the result of months of work on every detail, on bringing out the invisible nuances that make the clothes exceptional. Subtle adjustments in cuts, slight modifications in details – all of this is a nod to perfection,” say the founders of the brand, Magdalena and Melania Wyszomierskie. Many products, well known to MOYE lovers, have been reimagined for the new season. For example, the neckline of the bestselling Elise top was decorated with natural ostrich feathers in black, the classic LBD appeared in the new season as an open back dress, and the silk suit gained a new dimension of elegance thanks to long, slouchy trousers.

Silk maxi skirt and open back dress

Bold and delicate organza

The hallmark of the collection is the black silk organza. The material is bold and delicate, perfectly capturing the character of a modern, confident woman. The slip dress MIKAELA and maxi skirt ROSETTE crafted from a semi-transparent fabric perfectly match a short satin dress or skirt. Such combinations create a dynamic contrast between lengths.

Silk organza dress and bag with feathers

Classic silk suit

In NUANCES, MOYE pays tribute to men’s fashion, transforming it into an expression of power while exuding sensuality. “We wanted to create pieces that boost the self-confidence of every woman. So that when she puts on our clothes, she feels ready to conquer the world,” the founders share their vision.  At the center of attention is the classic suit. A silk blazer with impressive shoulders creates a harmonious combination with long trousers. Its loose fit subtly refers to men’s fashion, while emphasizing a feminine charm.

Silk suit with silk blazer and slouchy trousers

Maxi lengths

The brand delves into the realm of maxi lengths. Flowing, floor-length dresses and skirts eloquently hug the body and exude timeless elegance. The tube top and midi dress are especially eye-catching. The off-shoulder design exposes the neckline while emphasizing a clean and minimalist form. With each step, the garments come alive, forming an exquisite symphony between fabric and form.

Black dress with feathers and silk maxi skirt

Natural ostrich feathers

In the new season, MOYE continues its fascination with feathers, introducing them in a fresh light. In NUANCES, natural ostrich feathers appear in an intense black color and are featured on both clothing and handbags. Try on a chic black dress with feathers or complete your outfit with a silk bow with feathers. Accessories such as a cummerbund, ascot tie and choker with a bow brilliantly complete this elegant collection.

The collection is available online at www.moyestore.com