MOYE is a minimalistic brand for contemporary women. We value the importance of the quality and comfort in everyday life. Sustainable fashion starts from high quality and timeless designs, that is why our products are made to last. Our mission is to create seasonless pieces that you can wear all year long.

All of our products are handcrafted in Poland, we collaborate with local brands. We are learning everyday to become the most sustainable brand we can be.


All of our products are crafted in carefully selected fabrics of natural origin. We are constantly looking for the best quality of silk. With a delicate feel even on the most sensitive skin, they provide true comfort. We aim for softness, unique finish and thermoregulating properties in our knits and woven. Our refined fabrics are not only elegant but also functional.

All of our fabric are sourced from selected Italian silk mills that comply with European ECO-standards. All of our designs are crafted in 6A grade mulberry silk satin.


All of our products are made in Poland, in limited quantities to avoid overproduction. We support local craftsmanship focusing on responsible manufacturing practices. We work with the same sewing company since the very beginning. We collaborate only with people how share the same values. Over years we’ve established a long lasting relationship with our suppliers. Sustainable fashion starts from high quality and timeless designs.


All of our products are designed in our Warsaw studio. All of our product are handcrafted.


We use only paper tags. We try to avoid plastic in our packaging if it is possible. We try to avoid airfreight to limit the carbon footprint as much as possible. If possible we’re re-using all of packaging materials. Our aim is to exclude plastic packaging until end of 2023.